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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why book ExecCorp Chauffeur service rather then traditional Taxi or Uber service?

If you are not satisfied by the mediocre service offered by traditional taxi providers or unprofessional uber drivers and are looking for a reliable, prompt and minimum business class level of transport service, ExecCorp chauffeur service is the answer. All our cars are executive level, always kept in pristine condition and are driven by professional chauffeurs. Always on time, always smartly dressed, always courteous, they endeavour to provide the highest level of service. 


  • When I book a chauffeur car with ExecCorp, do I get written confirmation of the booking?

Yes, every reservation booked online or by phone is confirmed via email by one of our dispatch team within 24 hours.

  • Can I pay with my Debit or Credit card without any extra processing charge?

Yes, we accept all major credit or debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express at no extra processing charge for any card payments.

  • Which areas do you offer your chauffeur service from and to?

Although our office is based in Birmingham but our chauffeured cars cover all areas in United Kingdom and have even travelled to mainland Europe to collect clients. 

Airport FAQs
  • How will we meet the chauffeur at the airport?

At arrivals gate, after collecting your luggage and clearing customs, your ExecCorp chauffeur will be holding a passenger name-board or company sign in Arrivals Hall.


  • What if my flight is delayed or arrives early?

Our dispatch team and your chauffeur will monitor your flight using latest flight tracking technology to ensure your chauffeur is at the airport before your flight lands, regardless of delayed or early arrivals.

  • What if my flight is seriously delayed or in case I miss my connection and my flight details change?

Just email us on or call our dispatch controller on +447878716556 and we will do the rest and get your booking amended.


  • Does the fare include parking charges and tolls?

60 mins airport parking time is included in the fare. Any extra parking charges and tolls are not included and they will be added to final invoice.

Chauffeur FAQs
  • Will my chauffeur help me with my luggage?

Yes, your chauffeur will always offer to help you with your luggage and will load your luggage in the vehicle with great care and attention.

  • Will my chauffeur drive in excess of any speed limits?

No, Never. All our chauffeurs are professional chauffeurs with years of experience as professional drivers and will never over-speed even when requested. 

  • Will my chauffeur use mobile phone while driving ?

No, Never. All our chauffeurs are professional drivers and will not use mobile phone while you are with them and they are driving.

  • Will I get contact number for my chauffeur before the trip?

Yes, you can request chauffeur details and mobile number by calling our dispatch controller on (+44)07878716556 up to 24 hours prior to your trip.

Vehicle FAQs
  • Will my chauffeured car be fully insured?

Yes, all our chauffeured cars are comprehensively insured and licenced by Birmingham city council as private hire vehicles.

  • Will my chauffeur car have Private hire / Taxi plates displayed on the back like a traditional taxi?

No, Never. We as a company have gone great lengths to ensure our vehicles have exemptions from local authority from displaying private hire back plates, in order to keep the vehicles discreet and not look like a traditional taxi.

  • Will my chauffeur car be cleaned before my trip?

Yes, before every trip our valeting team ensures your chauffeur car is hand washed, interior vacuumed and polished.

  • Will my chauffeur car have bottled water for my trip?

Yes, all our chauffeured cars have complimentary bottled water and mints.

  • Will my chauffeur car be as nice as the ones in the photos on the website?

Yes, all photos on this website are of our current fleet of chauffeured cars and you will always find them in pristine condition as in the photos.


  • Can I request a daily newspaper or use of a digital tablet such as ipad for my trip?

Yes, at the time of booking you can request for a particular newspaper or digital tablet for use in the chauffeured car. 

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